Representation and Associationism

The Cluster of Energy organizes and centralizes its activity with the aim of representing the interests and competences of its partners before entities and bodies, both public and private, and either local, regional, national or international. They try, thus, to establish a bidirectional communication between our partners and the rest of participant agents inside the energy sector.

In this respect, we emphasize: firstly, the agreements and rising of collaborations coming from different fields that the Cluster carried out, displaying a growing and ambitious spirit.

And secondly, our headquarters’ location change. In the middle of 2012 the headquarters was moved to the new building of the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Extremadura, located in Badajoz, in order to provide our partners with more visibility and positioning. In addition, this change gives advantage to the collaboration with hugely innovative local entities and Centres R&D&I.

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